Crematorium to open its doors in Lommel in 2018

After a loved one has passed away, residents of Lommel can now opt to have them cremated locally, instead of having to travel to Turnhout, Hasselt or even the Netherlands for this service, which is also often coupled with long waiting times. In other words, until now, there have been quite a few practical obstacles to overcome, something the city has been eager to change. Together with six other municipalities, Lommel has decided to build a crematorium in the region.


Cometal provided fully customised formwork for the project. “It is a unique project, considering the diversity of needs. For the food service building, for example, agreements were made with the main contractor Vanhout and sub-contractor Erbud to use BIMET steel formwork panels to create 1.2 by 0.35 metre columns and, at the request of the architect, without any seams and without bevelled corners. The steel BIMET formwork fully meets the increasingly stringent requirements for aesthetics and architectural concrete. Thanks to the 5 mm welded steel plate mounted on the steel frame, the panels can be connected virtually seamlessly. This creates a very smooth and sleek appearance with significant aesthetic value. Cometal also provided the necessary materials for the on-site pouring of the concrete floor in the food service building.”


Cicom large-surface panelling

Cometal provided the wall panelling for the basement of the crematorium itself. “Classic Cicom large-surface formwork was chosen for this area, together with Alcom adaptor panels. The strong and solid 3 metre-high by 2.4 metre-wide Cicom panels are specially designed for extremely high yields when pouring concrete for high and long walls. The Cicom panels have a galvanised steel frame and single piece 3 x 2.4 metre tropical multiply hardwood. The Alcom adaptor panels have an aluminium frame fitted with plates made of the same tropical hardwood as the Cicom panels. The advantage of the Alcom panels is that they are sufficiently lightweight to handle manually and offer significant flexibility in terms of size.”

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