General Conditions

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– All prices are exclusive VAT.
– Terms of payment : 30 days invoice date
– Transport costs are calculated regarding the delivery-address, waiting periods longer than 1 hour cost 60,00 EURO/hour.
– Cancelling of an order will be charged at 3,00 EURO/M2
– Costs of cleaning and repair : 48,00 EURO/hour.
– The shuttering can be collected by us, but only after written request from the customer. Cometal retains the right of organizing this transport within 3 working days. The day of return will also count as the end of the rental period. If the materials remain unutilized on site, the  period of hiring as well as the invoicing continues.
– The circular panels are put at the right radius in our premises. Any changes of radii are the responsibility of the contractor. After incorrect employment, the resequencing of the circular panels is chargeable to the contractor, according to the tariff mentioned above (upon the departure until the return).
– Any command must be confirmed by written. Without written command by which the duration of the hiring is specified, the period of 4 weeks standard hiring with the corresponding prices will be applied.
– When the customer returns the coffering earlier, we don’t allow discounts.
– All accessories are delivered in material crates – rent: 7,44 EURO/piece/4 weeks.
– All remarks regarding delivered articles must be announced within 8 days.
– In case certain rental panels are not available, Cometal reserves the right to deliver alternative rental panels, without any additional charges.
– All accessories have to return in the same conditions as they were delivered; ex. tie rods and nuts separately, push & pull props and couplers completely, …  Al costs coming out this extra work we will take into account at 48,00 EURO/hour.
– During summer and Christmas holidays, we allow our customers a discount on the rented coffering, when   the materials are not being used during this period. This reduction counts for a maximum duration of 3 weeks for summer holidays and a maximum of 2 weeks for Christmas holidays, consistent with the holidays at Cometal. This reduction, which amount 50%, will be transferred after the holidays and by means of a credit note to our clients after a written confirmation of this period of non-activity. The minimum rental period will always be invoiced completely. This reduction is not applicable on the articles of our floor support system.
– Contributions to the cost of checking of our crane-lifting hooks : 2,00 EURO/piece/4 weeks. We guarantee the approval of our crane-lifting hooks for 2 months. Beyond this period the customer is   responsible for the control of conformity or if necessary we can make an exchange with an approved hook (transport excluded).
– Missing materials (after return) will be charged at gross price -10% in spite of the renting period.
– Cometal can be assisted by a credit insurance company.


– All prices are exclusive VAT.
– Terms of payment : 30 days invoice date
– Sales >10.000 EUR : 30% by order (cash). 70% according the general conditions.
– Free deliveries from 10.000 EUR (excluding VAT) only for the BENELUX.
– All remarks regarding delivered articles must be announced within 8 days.
– The goods remain the property of Cometal until the moment that payment has been made in full, unless they have been processed or transferred to third parties. Until the goods have been paid for in full, the buyer may not transfer ownership to a third party, except in the conduct of its normal business or as part of the normal use of the goods. If this condition is not complied whith, the purchase price becomes immediately due and we reserve the right to demand those goods, wich are our property, immediately (and without prior notification) (via bailiff’s writ),  without accepting any consequential damage suffered by the buyer.
– Cometal can be assisted by a credit insurance company.
– Validity purchase offer, 2 weeks.