Formwork system

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Formwork system

Cometal N.V.  is specialized in highly efficient modular wall formwork. In the space of 20 years Cometal evolved from a pioneer to an established force in the field of formwork techniques.

Below you will find an overview of our main formwork system product groups with a description of the usability of these products.

Should you wish to receive further information regarding the choice of formwork, please contact-us!

Alcom formwork system

Aluminium frame with multiply timber board.
Applications: general concreting, pouring of walls, columns, beams, foundations, bases, basements, swimming pools, pits, lift shafts, stairwells…

Bimet formwork system

Steel frame with a 5 mm thick steel plate for exposed, visable, architectural concrete.
Applications: exposed concrete, fair-face concrete, pouring of RDC-concrete, self-levelling concrete, self-sealing concrete, seamless concreting…


Steel supports which absorb the concrete pressure during blind pouring.
Application: for concrete works in which only one side is shuttered, e.g., against an existing wall, sheet pile, secam poles…


Climbing formwork

Used for high walls poured in different stages.
Application: pouring of high walls over different storeys, e.g. apartment buildings, flats, office buildings, lift shafts or stairwells…


Lift slabs

Blinding used in lift shaft and stairwells.
Application: movable blinding for the shuttering of lift shafts or stairwells or any other type of shafts.

Altor slab formwork

Aluminium table formwork for floors and decking.
Applications: supports for the pouring of floors, bridge decks up to a thickness of max. 2 m, beams, terraces, decks, preslabs, wideslab flooring…

Cicom large surface formwork

Galvanized steel frame with multiply timber board.
Applications: large-scale projects with long, repetitive walls in which the use of large-surface panels considerably increases the shuttering yield.

Horad formwork R < 3m

Made-to-radius multiply timber board.
Application: casting of curved walls with a radius of between 1,2m and 3m.

Horad formwork R > 3m

Made-to-radius multiply timber board.
Application: casting of curved walls with a radius exceeding 3m.

Delta formwork

Aluminium frame with multiply board.
Applications: casting of concrete exposed walls in which the ligature holes are spaced at 600 mm intervals to give a uniform effect.

Centre stage

Serrenhof residential care campus in Sint-Truiden

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On the Viaductstraat in Sint-Truiden, Orelia is building Serrenhof, a residential care campus that will replace the current residential care centres, La Madrugada and Laurentius. This new construction, which comprises a residential care centre and certified service flats, will provide homes to more than 100 residents by the end of 2019.


Universeel loopplatform

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Het universeel loopplatform is een veiligheidsvoorziening die bestaat uit een beveiligde toegang en beveiligde werkconsole om bekistingswerken op hoogte uit te voeren.