Used : Prefab wall battery for sale / rent: 7,5 x 4,22m

The Cometal prefab wall battery is used for simultaneously pouring several prefab concrete walls with 2 smooth sides simultaneously. This prefab mould excels in efficiency and offers a place-saving alternative for horizontal prefab tables.


Pouring of 2 walls with a max. thickness of 300 mm.
Contact plate is an 8 mm thick steel plate.
Has 1 fixed removable middle partition and 2 rolling outside partitions.
All accessoiries required to block the partitions.
The middle partition and the outside partitions have walking floors.
The independent use of one half of the battery is possible.
The partitions are electrostatically powered.
Spindle set for making an adjustable basefloor.

For more info, contact

Chris Vissers
M: +32.477.600.066


COMETAL, purchased in 2006.


Revised by Cometal.
Steel contact plate has been refurbished.


  • Length of the rails: 8000mm
  • Length of the partitions: 7500mm

  • Height of the partitions: 4220mm

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