Hydraulic tilting tables with vibration engines

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Project Description

Seven hydraulic tilting tables of 14,00m by 4,00m with vibration engines

For one of our clients who is specialized in producing architectural wall elements (both smooth and silex panels), we produced and installed for the second time seven hydraulic tilting tables.

  • 7 Tables of 14,00m x 4,00m
  • The tables are equipped with vibration engines.
  • Each table is equipped with a hydraulic tilting installation.
  • The maximum allowed weight on the table is 920kg/m².
  • The side panels are continuously adjustable in height from 100mm to 400mm.
  • The side panel on the long side of the table is split in two panels of 7,00m; its possible to produce elements of different thicknesses on each side of the table.
  • The side panel on the long side of the table is equipped with a removable trapezium profile for creating the tongue and groove in the elements.
  • The tabletop consist of a high-quality S355 steel plate with a thickness of 10mm; The steel plate is produced in one piece of 14,00m by 4,00m.
  • A chamfer 10x10mm is welded around three edges of the tabletop.

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