Formwork tools for sloping columns

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Project Description

Formwork for small columns of 4.66 m high and large columns of 8.70 m high

Paris-Saclay University, formerly known as Paris-Sud University, has signed a contract agreeing a public-private partnership with the project company Platon Saclay, led by Bouygues Construction, for the design, implementation and operation/maintenance of the Biology – Pharmacy – Chemistry (BPC) project on the Plateau de Saclay site.
In this context, Bouygues has appointed Cometal Coffrages to produce 2 set formwork with which to realise the columns of the Amphi Galeria – Metro 1 – Cœur de Pole.
The difficulty lays in producing the appropriate tools to match the technical and safety requirements imposed by Bouygues.  The tools have been designed to be manipulated into position in such a way as to minimise the out-of-plumb adjustments, be resistant enough to bear 4 rotations of each tool and secure enough for upright storage as half shells.
These tools meet all the requirements, allowing pouring at a maximum pressure of 140kN/m², while remaining completely secure.
Cometal formwork has also helped Bouygues in considering the handling of tools throughout the project, from unloading the lorry, the daily use of material to scrapping the material at the end.

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