COMETAL N.V. Formwork & prefab moulds

For over 30 years now COMETAL N.V. has specialized in the development, production, sale and rental of highly cost-effective formworks and prefab moulds.


Cometal offers formwork solutions for 2 important main applications:

Shuttering System

Formwork systems for on-site concrete pouring
If you wish to pour concrete on site you can purchase or hire various types of modular panel formwork.
For further information : FORMWORK SYSTEM

Prefab Moulds & Custom-Made

Formwork for the casting of prefabricated concrete elements.
If you wish to cast prefabricated concrete elements such as beams, columns, staircases and pits, cometal develops custom-made formwork moulds in steel and timber.
For further information : PREFAB & CUSTUM-MADE



Cometal's core activity is the rental of modular panel formwork, e.g. ALCOM formwork, BIMET formwork, CICOM large surface, ... . With our stock of in excess of 40,000 m2 and a continuous expansion of our rental package we can service all projects from large to small. 26 employees guarantee an optimal service and the logistic reliability of our rental activity.

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Investing in a Cometal formwork system is a smart move. Our robust steel or aluminium formwork systems are all high-quality products with an extremely long lifespan. The accessories are made from galvanized steel. The 18 mm thick timber board is a multiply made from tropical hardwood with a 450 gr/m2 coating and is known as the 'best shuttering board'. The technology behind every system has been thoroughly thought out and planned in function of your return.

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Product development

Cometal has its own internal study service.
A team of 5 draftsmen/engineers is in charge of:
- Development of new formwork systems
- Fine-tuning of our product range
- Development of custom-made prefab moulds
Plantechnical support
- Drafting of phased formwork plans
- Drawing up of detailed quotations

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Cometal formwork systems are produced by our own staff. 
The aluminium ALCOM formwork is produced in our own aluminium department. The Cometal profile aluminium cases are cut to size, then drilled and assembled into aluminium frames into which a 450g/m2 coated multiply board made from tropical hardwood is inserted.
In our steel department we manufacture both the steel BIMET formwork and CICOM formwork systems as well as the steel prefab moulds to the client's specifications.

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Our technical advisors are experts in the field of formwork techniques. Both during the preparatory stage and in the course of your project your advisor will be an important added value with regard to technical site support. He follows up the project from start to finish and guarantees the logistic reliability and an optimal service.

Click here to contact your technical advisor.

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